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The Top Smarthome Trends of 2019

The dream of a smarthome is finally here if the CES is a threshold to measure from. The big focus of the whole show was on smart home appliances and automation and I simply can’t think of anything else but how this will influence the market in 2019. Turns out, it will definitely be a mainstream technology that will hit the market with a storm.

Whether it is smart appliances for the home or a smart ring with display, the market is going to be flooded with smart devices this year. Some of them will be new while the rest will be just the ones that will go mainstream this year, after spending years in the shadow of development and claims that have been swirling around them. So here are the tech trends for smarthome in the year of 2019.

Digital Assistants rule the Roost

Digital assistants are already a reality. They are everywhere, from your speakers to your mobile phones and their dominance will only continue this year. Not only will they continue to exist in our phones and speakers, they will also make their way into other appliances like mirrors and furniture as well. It will be the year digital assistants left our phones to exist everywhere.

Smart Cameras are here

Smart cameras or cameras connected to the internet have already hit mainstream and are available in every market in the world. But the addition of AI to them while it has been a long time coming, is now finally here. This means there will be tons of smart cameras in the market that are loaded with AI features resulting in cameras that are actually smart.

Sensors Everywhere

It is the year of sensors, make no mistake about it. The development in the sector has been fast and fruitful in the last few years and the results will finally show this year. Everything in your homes will be loaded with sensors, whether it is your wash basin or you table for that matter. While it will take time to gain traction, this is definitely the year they take off.

Smart Surfaces

There are tons of smart things in the market. You got appliances, accessories and devices that are purportedly smart and this year you will have surfaces that are smart as well. It can be anything from table surfaces that are connected and interactive or your wall itself that is connected to the internet. It is a tantalizing prospect for those working in the industry and the real developments are only beginning.